If you have ever been to Turkey, you must know how tasty the food over there is. If you haven’t been there, you definitely should. Trust us when we say that because Istanbul and Turkey’s food is the best.

Turkish people have a very interesting palette that focuses on delicious meals that you will want to somehow loop into your own dietary habits. We will go through all the tasty treats that you can put on your menu today!

#1 Beef Lovers, Rejoice!

If you asked Turkish people what they thought of chicken meat they would simply reply – that’s not meet. And it is true – in Turkey the only meet that people eat is beef. It’s nutritious, they say, it’s clean, and it’s everywhere. One way or another, beef finds its way on your plate.

Yeah, it’s tough to have a kebab and avoid this tasty bite. Vegetarians would find it difficult to navigate the small eating places in Istanbul, for example. Why? Because they all serve meat – and a lot of it.

#2 Vegetarians, Don’t Be Afraid!

Yet, if you are a fan of vegetables, you can rest assured that Turkey has a lot of them! You must try local dishes that will completely make you want to come back again and again. There are all sorts of meals you can have.

Aubergine and eggplants are some of the most consumed vegetables over in Turkey and they are constantly part of all servings. Wherever you are, you can enjoy yourself a quick platter of a number of vegetables.

Turkish Kitchen Tastes Great

There are all sorts of vegetables, but admittedly meat is a big part of the diet. It’s almost strange not to love meat, and the veggie burger or kebab is really not all that common, although people would still prep you up a vegetarian dish. They would just wonder why you wouldn’t eat meat.

Well, such is life!

There is also a very cooling and pleasant sort of sauce dish. It’s made of sour milk and cucumbers along with some spicing and vinegar, and oil. The result is a delicious and very refreshing meal indeed. Of course, you will need to consume this with something else as the cream is hard enough to make your belly full.

#3 Find All You Need in Turkey

You can rest assured that Turkey has a lot to offer. You can be in any sort of trouble or emergency, for example – culinary or otherwise – and Turkish people would help you in your time on need.

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And then again, you needn’t go to Turkey to get a great locksmith if you are right here at home! Plus, there are quite a few places in the region that you can visit that are run by native Turkish people who have immigrated. That’s all very well, because, as a result, you can enjoy a very nourishing meal indeed!